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One of the YTJ company principles reads: 
We will pursue creativity and innovation and respect diversity.

We will treat everyone with love.
Respecting diversity is one of the most important points in the YTJ philosophy.
When I am leading lessons with our members I give opportunities for them to find what they are good at and enjoy doing most.
At YTJ we make musicals and it’s very easy to recognize dancing and singing talent.
But there are a lot of things beside that that are important, even in the microcosmos of the member’s lessons: having an opinion, having the confidence to voice an opinion, coming up with ideas, comedic delivery, miming, timing, having a good memory, etc.

Praising members for anything of value is a celebration of this diversity.
It also opens their eyes to recognizing value that is perhaps not that evident in their everyday life.
Sounds kind of lofty,
but it can be as simple as: member:“Sam-san, can we try this?”
Sam: “Yes.”

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