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【Weekly Post】Accepting your weakness戻る


Good Morning Every One!

One of my favorite things at YTJ is the auditions.
The reason I love them is that I get to meet some very talented children throughout the Kanto area. They remind me of my own childhood. On top of that seeing their talents I get the motivation to learn and try new things in my own life.

Just the other day I met this girl who came to the auditions who seemed to be very quiet and shy. When her turn came to audition, she spoke and sang quietly. She was so quiet that at times we had to ask her to repeat or speak loudly.

After she was done with her audition, one of the judges asked her what would she like to improve at YTJ. She replied, "I want to speak more loudly and with confidence". I was surprised as a young girl (10 years old), that she realizes and accepts that this is something she needs to work on.

I know often we realize our weaknesses but we are not willing to accept them and because of that the process of growth stops. Seeing her courage to accept what she lacks and be willing to work on it gave me the motivation to work on my own weaknesses.







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