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最近、日本各地でかなりの数のYTJ公演(ALICE In Wonderland、WORLD MUSIC、wordplay)がありました。






Recently we had quite a few performances(ALICE In Wonderland、WORLD MUSIC、wordplay) in different parts of Japan. All the members and the staff did a great job making it happen despite the Corona situation and the rainy weather.

I am often working backstage and whenever members make a mistake (forgetting lines, missing their dance moves,s, etc) , then I see other members and staff encouraging them and making them focus on the part of the performance that they did great. Even before these performances I often visit different studios to film rehearsals and I am lucky enough to see the entire process from the studio to the stage.

Most of the time as family and friends when we watch these performances we applaud that performance on that day. But I hope that we also take the time to appreciate the process. When I see it from the educational point of view, I personally think that the process is more important than the final performance. The performance takes around 1 hour 30 minutes but the process takes months.

In that process, the members learn to become team players, they build new friendships, they experience new things, they fall down, and then learn to get up, sometimes they get discouraged and then sometimes they learn to encourage others, and they discover their own strengths and weakness, et.

Honestly, if I continue to write about what members learn in the process I can write an entire book. Recently we are trying to show the process and the rehearsals on our YTJ's SNS platform so that the non-members could understand that it is not only about dancing, singing, and acting but there are many other things members learn at YTJ. Therefore, when you watch your friends or family members performing take some time to also think of the process and not just the performance.

Thank you

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